Bringing the Unreal to Reality

Acrotomic Studios is proud to bring you professional quality prosthetic appliances at affordable prices. Our dream is to bring the unreal imaginings of our customers into the real world, be it a terrifying creature that belongs in a horror movie or a fantastic being of beauty and mystery.

Custom Order Statuses

Order Status
Custom order: Standing squirrel tail for Makoto cosplay Cutting pattern, fur ordered
Custom order: Prosthetic embedded stones from "Broken Sky" series Sculpting
Custom order: Silicone Au Ra Xaela scales Shipped
Custom order: Prosthetic "Vinny" nose Shipped Vinny Santorini silicone prosthetic nose for Atlantis cosplay
Custom Husky Tail Shipped
Custom commission husky fursuit tail
Custom order: foam 'story' pauldron Waiting on customer info
Foam story pauldron
Custom order: Facial prosthetics Shipped

Custom nose prosthetic in encapsulated silicone

Custom encapsulated silicone nose prosthetic for character makeup

Custom order: Au Ra Xaela face scales



Au'ra Xaela face scales - latex prosthetics for FFXIV cosplay special makeup effects
 Scales prosthetics and Custom order larger scales Shipped large and small latex prosthetic mermaid scales
Custom order: prosthetic lobotomy scar Shipped Custom latex lobotomy scars for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest performance