Zombie Wound Latex Prosthetic SFX Makeup Kit

Zombie Wound Latex Prosthetic SFX Makeup Kit

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The perfect set of wounds for any zombie costume, this 6-piece kit includes: two bullet wounds, one zombie bite, and one skin patch of infected boils, a 1oz bottle of Pros-Aide Adhesive, and 1 oz bottle of Pros-Aide Adhesive Remover.

Hand-sculpted, hand-cast and hand-painted, these wounds are made of tough, but flexible latex. Beautifully thin edges for blending.
Feel the need for more adhesive? We gotcha covered!

Quick start guide:
-Position appliance to determine best location; alter if needed for better fit
-Adhere with Pros-Aide, Spirit Gum or other adhesive
-Seal with adhesive or other sealer
-Paint with greasepaint, alcohol-activated makeup, fake blood, etc

Note: Be SURE that you are not allergic to latex before ordering these.

Pre-painted pieces are all hand-painted, so no two are exactly the same. Edges are left unpainted for ease of blending into your own skin.

A big thanks in advance to anyone who purchases from Acrotomic Studios, as a portion of the profits are going toward educational funding.

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