Long Hell-Cat Tails

Long Hell-Cat Tails

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These two long, striped crimson red tails were for a commissioner who has informed me that things have changed on her end, and has instructed me to sell them instead.

Tails are roughly 4' long, 2" wide and are worn via a sewn-in belt loop, which may not be visible in the pictures. They are hand- and machine-sewn long pile faux fur which has been shaved to short fur.

*One tail has a wire core inside a thick foam for the ability to pose it any way you like. (Poseable)

*The other has a very soft foam core that allows for a realistic swish to the tail. (Swishy)

Only one of each available!


Will be shipped through USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance. Faster shipping options are available upon request.
Please allow up to four weeks for custom-color tails to be delivered.

A huge thanks in advance to anyone who purchases from Acrotomic Studios, as all proceeds are going towards educational funding.

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