Acrotomic Studios has been dedicated to bringing top quality prosthetics and costumes to special effects makeup artists, filmmakers, and Halloween and costume enthusiasts around the world since 2011. I'm Chris Nelson, the owner and operator of Acrotomic Studios, and have 10 years of experience under my belt in making costumes and prosthetics and featured work in films based in Mobile, Alabama.


Special effects makeup applications from Full Moon, Inc. Chris working on a makeup application
 Makeup applications from Full Moon, Inc.


The Acrotomic Studios motto is Imagine, Adapt, Create. This is what I view as the so-to-speak 'holy trinity' of making practical effects. I even designed the logo with this trinity in mind and strive to perfection in each area. This is why I especially love doing custom orders, because it means I get to walk with you through every step as we build your creation together: from imagining the initial design, to adapting it to your needs, to creating your masterpiece.


If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us for more info, or you can go straight to the custom order quote request form if you're ready.
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