Order Statuses

Customer Order Status
Custom order: Silicone Au Ra Xaela scales Cured, Soon to ship
C.L. Custom Canine Tail Shipped
M.D. Custom order: Prosthetic "Vinny" nose Shipped Prosthetic nose sculptProsthetic nose sculpt
C.P. Custom Husky Tail Shipped
Custom commission husky fursuit tail
K.P. Custom order: foam 'story' pauldron Waiting on customer info
Foam story pauldron
D.F. Custom order: Facial prosthetics Shipped

Custom nose prosthetic in encapsulated silicone

Custom encapsulated silicone nose prosthetic for character makeup

V.C. Custom order: Au Ra Xaela face scales



Au'ra Xaela face scales - latex prosthetics for FFXIV cosplay special makeup effects
G.M.  Scales prosthetics and Custom order larger scales Shipped large and small latex prosthetic mermaid scales
A.K. Custom order: prosthetic lobotomy scar Shipped Custom latex lobotomy scars for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest performance