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High Cheekbones - Maleficent Cheeks SFX Prosthetic

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These have become so popular among my customers that I finally had to put them in the shop.
This pair of appliances are perfect for simulating the high cheekbones of Maleficent or for any character or creature with pointed cheeks at Halloween or conventions.

Hand-sculpted and hand-cast in shop, these appliances are made of tough, but flexible latex. They measure approx. 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width along the base.

First two pictures are from the original commission which was for 3 pairs. Last two pictures were during the process of sculpting.

***This listing was initially taken down until a new mold could be made, but due to the popularity of these, we had to bring them back to the shop, dropping the price due to imperfections in the mold. By buying these, you must understand and agree to having imperfect prosthetics.***

Requires adhesive to attach. Don't have any? Don't worry, we do!

Quick start guide:
-Position appliance to determine best location; alter if needed for better fit
-Adhere with Pros-Aide, Spirit Gum or other adhesive
-Seal with adhesive or other sealer
-Paint with greasepaint, alcohol-activated makeup, fake blood, etc

Note: Be SURE that you are not allergic to latex before ordering these.

A big thanks in advance to anyone who purchases from Acrotomic Studios, as a portion of the profits are going toward educational funding.

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